Concert Tickets & Rose Cards

Purchase concert tickets or Rose Cards here using PayPal:

Include a note indicating what item(s) are being purchased and for whom when making your payment. Rose Cards purchased via PayPal will be available for pick up at the entrance to concerts. Please have your electronic receipt with you.

Ticket prices are:

  • Students and staff are free
  • $3 each concert ticket
  • $50 Rose Cards

Rose Cards for the 2022-2023 music season are good for the admission of 1 household into all 8 scheduled Fall, Winter & Spring concerts for Band, Choir, and Orchestra:

  • October 18 Fall Choir Concert 
  • October 20 Fall Orchestra Concert 
  • November 9 Fall Band Concert 
  • December 13 Sounds of South Intermediate 
  • December 15 Souths of South Advanced
  • May 30 Spring Band Concert 
  • May 31 Spring Choir Concert 
  • June 1 Spring Orchestra Concert